Océanos Collection

May 19, 2016 Press

The ocean waters contain countless mysteries yet to be discovered. Concealed below the surface is a secret world that mankind has striven tirelessly to uncover and master – the deep sea has always held an element of attraction for the human race.

Carrera y Carrera, the most international Spanish fine jewelry firm, gives itself over to the fascination awakened by the sea and its wonders. Allowing itself to succumb to the ocean’s charms, the company has developed the new Océanos collection.

The pieces that make up this collection are very much in line with the major fashion houses that have also surrendered to the charms aroused by the sea and the hidden universe it contains.

Carrera y Carrera, flaunting its unlimited imagination and sources of inspiration, takes the oceans as a creative concept to develop its new collection and once again gives a master lesson in creating mini-sculptures of extreme detail and thoroughness. Creatures from the deep have been crafted in white and yellow gold with precious stones such as amethysts, blue and yellow sapphires, and black pearls. These last, of the highest quality and exquisite color, are embraced by the tentacles of an octopus, a protagonist of the jewelry firm’s latest creations. Seahorses, symbol of undying love, as well as sea stars, complete the zoomorphic diversity of these pieces. A festival of color, brilliance, and movement unique to the rolling of the tides that form the 7 oceans.

The collection is comprised of rings, earrings, and necklaces that conceptualize the majesty of the sea according to Carrera y Carrera.

Luxury, power, and beauty brought directly from the ocean depths. 


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