Bestiario by Carrera y Carrera: wildest nature

September 29, 2014 Press

Bestiario by Carrera y Carrera

Something which has always characterized Carrera y Carrera is its designs inspired by the fierce and impressive animal kingdom.  Tigers, leopards, snakes, and eagles are just a few of the animals the company’s artisan goldsmiths have converted into jewels since its inception in 1885.  The Bestiario collection is a tribute to these classic designs that have made the brand one of the most internationally recognizable in the jewelry world.  The Tiger ring by Carrera y Carrera is a modern icon of the company.

The Bestiario collection is a real tribute to the origins of Carrera y Carrera, and particularly to the iconic designs of its founder, Manuel Carrera.  Mr. Carrera has set the benchmark in the Spanish jewelry sphere and is recognized as one of the most important creators in the world.  His bold pieces with generous volumes and daring subject matter have made him famous all over the world.

The leopard is the strongest, wariest, and most cunning of the feline species.  Its name comes from Greek, a combination of the words “leon” (lion) and “pardos” (panther), and so it is considered to be a mix of both animals.  They are wild, stealthy, and intelligent.  The Leopard pendant by Carrera y Carrera conveys all the strength of this animal through its faithfully represented head crafted in white gold and diamonds.

The Snake bracelet by Carrera y Carrera is a masterpiece crafted in yellow gold, rubies, and white and chocolate diamonds.  The powerful symbolism and sinuous contours of this animal bring an astonishing realism to this piece where two snakes fight in an eternal struggle.  The surprise lies in the interior of both snakes where two rubies hide, symbolizing the heart, strength, and fortitude of these animals.

Since it first launched, the Bestiario collection has been a favorite for celebrities to add a wild touch to their public appearances.  Madonna selected the Tiger ring in white gold with smoky quartz and diamonds to attend an Oscar after party this year.  Following the recent “selfie” fever, the queen of pop posted her photo with the Carrera y Carrera ring on her Instagram profile.

Before creating any Carrera y Carrera jewel, the company’s internal design team (comprised of six designers), hand draws many sketches on the selected theme.  In the case of the Bestiario collection, these drawings reflect the creativity and passion which have always characterized designs by Carrera y Carrera.  In this image, one can admire two of the first sketches of the iconic Tiger ring and Eagle bracelet.

Mini sculpture transformed into a jewel has always been one of the qualities that have made Carrera y Carrera a famous, admired, and respected brand the world over.  The Bestiario collection is a perfect example of this tendency.  The animals which comprise it are true mini sculptures, carved detail by detail in gold by the firm’s artisan goldsmiths.  In the Snake pendant in white gold and diamonds, one can see the absolute precision of the scales that cover the skin of this fierce animal.  The perfect piece for the most daring women.

The Bestiario collection is a tribute to the classic Carrera y Carrera pieces inspired by animals.  The Eagle bracelet belonging to this collection is a totally figurative piece in which the plumage of this fierce animal embraces with determination the wrist of its wearer . Also sculpted in gold is its characteristic beak, always alert.  A piece that exudes strength, character, and boundless creativity.

The setting work on Carrera y Carrera pieces is work done completely by hand by the goldsmiths of the firm in the company’s Madrid workshop.  The Tiger ring in white gold has 280 brilliant-cut diamonds set one by one all over the surface, simulating the stripes in this animal’s fur.  Work that requires expertise, skill, patience, and time but that allows the jewel to retain its spectacular shine forever.

Since it first launched, the Bestiario collection has been a favorite for celebrities to add a wild touch to their public appearances.  Jennifer López fell in love with the Tiger ring by Carrera y Carrera and has worn it on many occasions.  One of the most special was when she was on the number 1 show on American television:  American Idol.  Jennifer dazzled that night thanks to Carrera y Carrera.

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