Exhibition Dedicated to 130th Anniversary of Carrera y Carrera Jewelry House in GUM

November 09, 2015 Events

GUM’s central line presents an exhibition organized by the famous Spanish Jewelry House Carrera y Carrera and dedicated to its 130th anniversary.

In 1885, Saturio Esteban Carrera opened the first workshop in the center of Madrid in Santa Isabel Street where many artists of that time dreaming to contribute to development of the Spanish art used to gather. Today, you can see the finest details of this first shop in GUM’s central line where the first boutique of that time is installed; you can also see a goldsmith working on another masterpiece of the brand’s jewelry. The decor, furniture, and Spanish dress carry the visitors over to the last century Madrid where through the spacious floor-to-ceiling windows they can see the items of Carrera y Carrera’s high art of jewelry.

Carrera y Carrera decorations – mini-sculptures full of life and energy living in articles made of precious stones and gold – quickly won recognition all over the world. They are instantly recognizable due to their pronounced creative uniqueness and perfect make.

Carrera y Carrera exhibition will be opened until November 30, 2015.


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