Carrera y Carrera presents Renata Litvinova

March 14, 2014 Celebrities

Renata Litvinova for Carrera y Carrera

The Spanish jewelry design house Carrera Y Carrera proudly announces that actress and director Renata Litvinova will become the first Russian celebrity to represent its jewelry collections.

Renata Litvinova will represent the jewelry design house as its ambassador for Russia and the CIS beginning in March 2014.

Svetlana Kuprianova, CEO of the company, and Manuel Carrera, the founder of the design house, are confident that collaborating with Renata Litvinova, actress who understands the design and allure of their creations, and who knows how to wear it, will reveal the brand in a new way to connoisseurs of fine pieces of jewelry.

After meeting with Renata in Moscow, Manuel Carrera said of her: "Here you have a diva with a striking character like the jewelry of Carrera Y Carrera."

"The first time I appeared wearing pieces designed by Carrera Y Carrera was at the Moscow Film Festival," Renata recalls. "For my walk down the red carpet, I chose a brooch in the shape of a crocodile's head from the Bestiario collection. It is a bold image that won me over with the youthful insolence of its designers."

Renata has no doubt that Russian women will like the jewelry of Carrera Y Carrera.  "These sunny pieces are as necessary as medicine in our cold, harsh country." She sees the brand as the source of her own creative inspiration.  "It is my dream to participate in the creation of a collection for Carrera Y Carrera. I would call it 'Winter Woman': very Russian. I have a lot of ideas and I would be happy if CYC's designers would embark upon a bold journey with me into the Russian snows."

The first photo shoot of Renata Litvinova wearing Carrera Y Carrera jewelry took place on the inside of the Le Bristol hotel. The images were created in collaboration with the photographer Dmitry Isakov.


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