Legal Notice for Press

Access to this private area is restricted to persons expressly authorized by CARRERA Y CARRERA, S.A. Access to this private area through login codes facilitated by CYC implies the express acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

  • All material and information (hereinafter, the Information) contained in this private area of CARRERA Y CARRERA, S.A. is confidential and is only intended for media and the press (hereinafter, the Receiving Party).
  • Use of the information is strictly limited to editorial ends in media accepted and authorized by CARRERA Y CARRERA, S.A. (hereinafter, the End). In no case shall the Information be utilized for commercial ends. Use of the information for a purpose other than the End requires the express and written consent of CARRERA Y CARRERA, S.A.
  • The Information is the sole property of CARRERA Y CARRERA, S.A., and the Receiving Party agrees to return to CARRERA Y CARRERA, S.A., at its first request, all of the Information in tangible form or to destroy said Information.
  • The Receiving Party agrees to restrict access to this private area exclusively to those employees or agents for whom access to the Information is necessary for completion of the End.
  • The Receiving Party may not assign or transfer login codes for the private area or the Information contained therein to third parties without prior express consent of CARRERA Y CARRRERA, S.A.
  • The Receiving Party acknowledges that any breach of the terms and conditions herein can mean irreparable damage for CARRERA Y CARRERA, S.A. and shall take all measures necessary for compliance.

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